During Club Conquest, your club competes for the top tournament spot. When Conquest is over, the top 3 clubs with the most Rings collected will win the Grand Reward. Club members are rewarded based on their contribution to the Tournament. This reward is added automatically to the players' accounts once the Conquest ends.

Clubs can measure their strengths throughout the event by conquering particular slots in short-term Slot Challenges. Only the club with the most Power Rings collected will win the reward at the end of a Conquest slot challenge. The Club members share the reward according to their contribution to the challenge. Those rewards need to be collected manually from the Challenges Summary window.

After the Conquest ends, you have 24 hours to collect such rewards. If you have just finished a challenge, the reward might not be available for a few minutes as the server calculates the outcomes. Please restart the app for a few minutes; the reward should be available. Rally your clubmates, strategize meticulously, and embark on the path to a glorious Conquest. Let the club with the most rational stratagems and unwavering dedication claim the mantle of Conquest Champions!