Our 'Promote' feature is designed to be user-friendly and to facilitate the growth of a robust hierarchy within our gaming clubs. This powerful tool allows leaders to recognize and elevate members to co-leader status when they have demonstrated exceptional commitment and skill.

1. Promoting to Co-leader: Look for the orange button adjacent to the player's name in the club's member list. By tapping on this button, you are given the option to "Promote" a member. Once you confirm your selection, the member will ascend to the co-leader rank, recognizing their contributions and entrusting them with greater responsibilities.

2. Handing Over Leadership: There may come a time when a leader wants to pass the torch. In this case, the current leader can use the same 'Promote' function to designate a co-leader as the new leader. This is not a decision to be taken lightly, as reversing this action is not a simple click away. Once leadership is handed over, it can only be restored if the new leader voluntarily returns the role.

3. Demotion: While elevation within the club is vital, there must also be a mechanism for leaders to reorganize the hierarchy if necessary. The 'Demote' feature allows a leader to return a co-leader to a general member. This action can be instrumental in maintaining the integrity and structure of the club.

4. Automatic Leadership Transition: Clubs are ecosystems that must persist even when a leader must step away. We've established a fair succession system if a leader leaves the club. The co-leader with the most donations—reflective of their commitment to the club's development—is automatically chosen to fill the vacant leadership role.