[NEW] A new Charm Pack with Guaranteed Charms inside and an improved Magical Pack experience!

Charms: Below zero introduces a new Charm pack type called Guaranteed Charms. This special Charm Pack contains a new Charm. The rarity of the unique Charm will be marked with stars (1-5). Players who have already collected all charms from that specific rarity won't receive a new charm.

Example: If a Player wins a 2-star "Guaranteed Charms" Charm Pack and has all 2-star charms already collected, the Charm Pack won't give a new charm but a duplicate 2-star Charms.

Players missing a specific rarity Charms should look for a particular rarity "Guaranteed Charms" Charm Pack.

What about Magical Packs? They are even better than before! In Charms: Below Zero - Magical Packs let you keep the new Charms and reshuffle the duplicates! Some rare Magical Packs will now even let you reshuffle more than once!


[NEW] Trading Tokens are now shown on the Trading Center.

You can now check your Token balance directly inside the Trading Center.

 Trading Center Token Balance 

 [NEW] Charms set Status Tooltips in the Trading Center.

You can now check which Charm belongs to which Charm Set directly in the Trading Table.

[NEW] Check your Charms collection progress with the new Charms Arena progress counter.