The standalone browser version of the Huuuge Casino is currently only available for Players who have their game accounts synced with either Facebook or Apple. To resolve this issue, please follow the solution outlined below:

Link your Account to Facebook

  1. Launch the native version of our app on your Android, iOS device, or Facebook.
  2. Navigate to the "Social & Leaders" section at the bottom left corner of the Lobby.
  3. You can link your account within this section with Facebook (FB) on all three platforms.
  4. You can Sign in with Apple only on an Apple Mobile device.
  5. By linking your account with Facebook or Apple, you can log in to the standalone browser version of the game.

More details about how to sync your progress with Facebook is available here:

If you follow this solution, you should be able to successfully access and use our standalone browser version of the game without encountering the "Please Login" pop-up. If you continue to experience issues, please don't hesitate to contact our support team.