Conquest is a time-limited event in which you get a chance to clash with other clubs for prestige and astonishing Club rewards. Each Club has to collect Power Rings while spinning Conquest Slots.
Club Conquest is only available for Clubs in the Gold III league or above (Platinum, Diamond, and Master).
During Club Conquest - your club competes for the top spot of a tournament. When Conquest is over, the top 3 clubs with the highest numbers of Power Rings collected will win the Grand Reward. Club members will be rewarded based on their personal contribution to the Tournament.
Over the course of the event, Clubs will have an opportunity to measure their strengths by conquering particular slots in short-term Slot Challenges. At the end of a Conquest slot challenge, only the club with the most Power Rings collected will win the reward. The reward will be distributed between the Club members according to their contribution to the challenge.
Don’t wait - start strategizing with your club and plan your conquest all the way to the grand reward!