If your game is freezing, crashing, not loading, or behaving irregularly we recommend that you try the following steps:
  • Please close all of you running apps and restart your device.
  • Make sure you have the latest update of the game installed.
  • Launch the game.
If your game is still not working properly after following the steps above please contact our Support team.

Lastly, please try to include in your message the following answers:
  1. When did this issue first start - was it following an update?
  2. Does it happen when the game is loading or within the game itself?
  3. When did it happen? while spinning a slot? winning a specific item?
  4. Does it happen regularly?
  5. If possible, please send us a screenshot or a video of your issue.

If you’re experiencing game crashes while playing the game, reinstalling the game might help. You can find out how to reinstall the game in this FAQ article. However, note that reinstalling the game should be a last resort.