In order to successfully reload the app, you simply need to close and start the app again. This process enables the game to reload fresh data from our servers. However, since mobile operating systems often keep the app open even if we minimize the game, the game never really closes, thus it is recommended to perform this ‘reloading’ action from time to time. It is very simple to do.

To make sure the game is really closed, I attach a simple instruction on how to proceed, depending on your mobile system:

If you run an Apple Device:
  • Simply double tap your home button
  • Find the game among your open apps
  • Perform a swipe up gesture on the game tile ( or touch a red X button, depending on iOS version.)

If you run an Android Phone ( anything not Apple):
  • Go into your recent apps list by tapping the square button on screen ( can also be two 90 degree-angles icon on Samsung Phones)
  • Find the game among your open apps
  • Tap and hold the app and swipe it to the right.
After that, simply start the game again, and all should be loaded up with fresh data.