If you want to join a club tap on Billionaire League button.
There are two ways to find a club:
If you know the name of the club you want to join, simply type it to the search bar
If you don’t have any specific club in mind, use “Advanced Search” and set the parameters that will help you find a perfect club for you
Keep in mind that the above options are available only if you’re not a member of any club.

If you’d like to leave your current club, follow the steps below:

If you decide to leave your club, your League Points earned during the season will be subtracted from the club’s balance and irreversibly gone
1. Enter your current club (this one is VERY important!)
2. Tap the three vertical dots in the top-right corner of your screen.
3. Choose the option to leave the club (it’s at the bottom of the list) and confirm.