During Scooter’s Streak, for a limited period of time, when you win consecutive levels on the map, Scooter’s special abilities will charge up!

Each consecutive win will give you boosters to use at the start of the next level. Continue to win levels in a row to retain the powers granted by Scooter! If you lose, quit or restart a level you will lose all of Scooter's abilities and your streak will reset back.

You can check your current Streak level by tapping on Scooter’s Streak icon on the right hand side of the main map screen. Streak icon also appears on top of level start screen.

Please note that Scooter’s Streak is only active on regular map levels, mini-map Events like Reward Rush do not qualify for this feature. On tutorial levels where a new boost / obstacle / mechanic is introduced, Scooter’s Streak will be paused. It will resume on the next regular level.  The Streak also won't work on previously won levels, so if your current level is 200, and you go back to replay level 180 - the Streak won't work there.

Woof, woof, let's go! 🐶