Lives are displayed as a heart-shaped icon at the top of the map screen. ❤️
To play a level you need to have at least one life available. If you win a level, your lives remain intact, if you lose or quit a level, a life is deducted. When all lives are spent, you need to wait for them to recharge or you can try obtaining them by various means.

There is also an infinite lives boost in the game, it's marked with an infinity symbol on the heart icon.
When infinite lives boost is active, a countdown timer appears on the life counter at the top of the map screen. During that time, your lives will not decrease if you lose or quit a level. It is great for tackling more challenging levels (marked with a skull) or while competing in a Star Race event.

Gaining Lives
You can gain more lives in a few ways:
  • regular lives regenerate overtime (you can see the timer at the top of the map screen)
  • win lives as rewards in events or from the Daily Spin
  • get lives from your friends if you are connected to Facebook
  • watch a short video ad for extra lives
  • purchase lives with coins
  • as part of a purchase in the shop
Asking for Lives
If you run out of lives, you can send a request to your in-game friends asking for lives. They decide whether to send you extra lives.