If you are experiencing a technical issue, you can try the following steps to help improve your gaming experience:
- check if you need to update Traffic Puzzle, keeping the game up to date is important as every app release contains various improvements and bug fixes
- check your internet connection, our game has rich graphics and intensive communication with server, which requires stable internet connection
- force close all other background apps and avoid switching between apps while playing
- check if your device's Date and Time are in sync with the internet clock - it is best to set it to automatic settings
- completely close the game - do not minimize or suspend - shut it down fully, here's how:

Important: Refrain from reinstalling the app as you could lose your progress if your game is not synced with Facebook or Apple Sign In.

If none of the above steps helped resolve your issue, please contact our Support Team, they'll be happy to assist.
Here's an article that describes the best way to reach us: Contact Us