You earn points during levels. Your score is saved only if you complete the level. Each board can give you a different number of points, allowing you to compare your score with friends.

Scoring Actions
You earn points by performing the following actions:
- Matching 3, 4, 5 cars to a maximum of 9 cars
- Removing obstacles
- Completing objectives
- Multiple matches (i.e. when matching 3 cars leads to another 3 cars being matched)
- When you complete the level with moves left, those will be converted into extra points

Score Bar and Stars
The points you earn on each level are displayed on a bar at the top left of the screen. Reaching a specific number of points grants you a star. You can get up to 3 stars per level. The stars are displayed on the scoring bar. The space between stars on the bar isn’t equal to the number of points required to earn a star.

Match 4 cars to spawn a free Joker boost on your next move.
Match 5 cars to get extra moves on the current level.