Wild Symbols are basically any symbol in the game you need them to be (except for other special symbols, like Scatters)! Basically, they’re a universal bridge between symbols that help you win!
This means that the Wild symbol is like a Joker that can become any symbol you need to get a win!
There are a few variants of the Wild symbol:
  • Wild with Multiplier
  • Dynamic Wild
  • Expanding Wild
  • Shifting Wild
  • Directional Wild
  • Sticky Wild
Wild with Multiplier

This symbol works like a normal Wild Symbol, however, it has an added bonus! It multiplies the payout if you hit a pay line! So basically, if your pay line would normally give you a payout of 5 000 coins, with a 10x Wild, it would give you 50 000! 

Dynamic Wild

Wild symbols replace random symbols with Wild Symbols. They are triggered by a trigger symbol, that can be found in the paytable. Dynamic Wilds are often combined with Expanding Wilds!
Expanding Wild

Expanding Wild symbols are Wild symbols that expand to the entirety of the reel it’s in, turning the entirety of its reel into Wild symbols. Expanding Wilds are often combined with Dynamic Wilds and often feature really cool visual effects!

Shifting Wild

Shifting Wild symbols, currently exclusive to Steam City, are Wild symbols that shift to the left of the machine with every spin after they’re hit. They always start on the 5th (rightmost) pay line, and they move to the left until they leave the screen and start all over again!

Sticky Wild

Sticky Wilds are Wild symbols that stick to one spot on the machine, usually throughout Bonus Games and Free Spins.